Welcome to meditations.

You won't find anything here about meditation 'practices', methods, rituals, or philosophy. You won't find anything about transcendence or enlightenment. What you will find are some ideas that you can ponder and puzzle over.

The ideas are universal. In this instance, they are expressed, for the most part, in the words of J. Krishnamurti . Others have expressed the same ideas over the ages in different words, in different languages. The ideas are not new. The ideas are not old. They are. If you accept them or reject them, you will not have heard them and you might just as well spend your time doing something else.

Take your time. There is no goal ...nothing to be gained ...nothing to be accomplished ...nothing to be lost. It is 'your' life. It is your responsibility. No guru, master, saint or teacher can assume that responsibility for you. You are the teacher and you are the student. That is the way it has always been.

...know thyself

'The human mind is heavily conditioned
- by the culture it lives in
- by its traditions,
- by its economic condition,
and especially
-by its religious propaganda.'

- J. Krishnamurti