"Now these three states which constitute experience:

  • the actor,
  • the action,
  • and the result

are surely a process of becoming.
Otherwise there is no becoming, is there?

If there is no actor, and if there is no action towards an end, there is no becoming;
but life as we know it, our daily life, is a process of becoming."

J. Krishnamurti "The First and Last Freedom" -Action and Idea


"You want me to tell you what reality is.

Can the indescribable be put into words?

Can you measure something immeasurable?

Can you catch the wind in your fist?

If you do, is that the wind?

If you measure that which is immeasurable, is that the real?"

J. Krishnamurti "The First and Last Freedom" - Q-30: "on god"


How do you know I have realized?
To know that I have realized, you also must have realized.
This is not just a clever answer.
To know something you must be of it.
You must yourself have had the experience also
and therefore your saying that I have realized has apparently no meaning.

J. Krishnamurti "The First and Last Freedom" - Q-30: "on god"


"Therefore instead of asking who has realized or what God is why not give your whole attention and awareness to what is? Then you will find the unknown, or rather it will come to you.

If you understand what is the known, you will experience that extraordinary silence which is not induced, not enforced, that creative emptiness in which alone reality can enter."

J. Krishnamurti "The First and Last Freedom" - Q-30: "on god"


"You cannot love if your object is merely to achieve a result. There is no such thing as an ideal, because that is merely an achievement. Beauty is not an achievement, it is reality, now, not tomorrow. If there is love you will understand the unknown, you will know what God is and nobody need tell you - and that is the beauty of love. It is eternity in itself. Because there is no love, we want someone else, or God, to give it to us. If we really loved, do you know what a different world this would be?"

J. Krishnamurti "The First and Last Freedom" - Q-30: "on god"

lords of the dance

"We idealize those who have realized and hope that they will give us something, which is a false relationship.
How can the man who has realized communicate if there is no love?
You cannot be a musician by merely knowing how to sing.
You may know all the steps of a dance but if you have not creation in your heart, you are only functioning as a machine."

J. Krishnamurti "The First and Last Freedom" - Q-30: "on god"

mu -not a function of- me

"It is not a question of accepting what is; you do not accept what is, you do not accept that you are brown or white, because it is a fact; only when you are trying to become something else do you have to accept.

The moment you recognize a fact it ceases to have any significance; but a mind that is trained to think of the past or of the future, trained to run away in multifarious directions, such a mind is incapable of understanding what is."

J. Krishnamurti "The First and Last Freedom" - Q-18: "surrender to - what is -"


"Surrendering to the will of God implies that you already know the will of God.

...If you are surrendering to a higher will, then that higher will is the projection of yourself, for the real cannot be known through the known.

The known is a creation of the mind, because thought is the result of the known, of the past, and thought can only create what it knows; therefore what it knows is not the eternal.

That is why, when you surrender to the will of God, you are surrendering to your own projections; it may be gratifying, comforting but it is not the real."

J. Krishnamurti "The First and Last Freedom" - Q-18: "surrender to - what is -"